Colon Hydro Therapy

colon_hydrotherepy Benefits
  • Decreases the Occurrence of Headaches

  • Lessens symptoms associated with PMS

  • Helps with weight loss

  • Helps to improve Immune System

  • Decreases Gas Bloating

  • Helps to reduce Constipation

  • Speeds up metabolism

  • Minimizes allergies and Eczema

  • Helps with acne problems

Colon Therapy

In our body, colon plays an important role in absorbing nutrients, removing waste and providing energy. If colon is not clean, it impacts the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food which reflects through symptoms such as lack of energy, fatigue, constipation and others. At Kratin Wellness Clinic, we have a fully automated machine to offer colon hydrotherapy to restore colon health of the patient.

Effective Treatment

Kratin Wellness Clinic has professionally trained and experienced colonic hydrotherapists to provide safe and effective treatments to our clients. We use state of the art equipment to ensure a completely safe, sanitary, and completely discreet treatment for our clients.

What to Expect from Colon Hydrotherapy

During colon hydrotherapy a speculum is inserted into the rectum and fecal matter is flushed from the colon using safe, filtered and temperature controlled water. Process is performed by an experienced colonic hydrotherapist in complete privacy to ensure that your visit is pleasant.