Panchakarma Treatment in India


Ayurveda translated from Sanskrit means “Science of Life” and is over 5000 year old traditional Indian system on medicines which is based on the fact that nature has provided us cure for all diseases in the form of plants and herbs.

In Ayurveda, health is a state of physical and spiritual attainment. The practice of ayurveda is designed to promote health, creative growth and human happiness. It is the science of day to day living and it has evolved from the sage’s practical, philosophical and religious illumination which was rooted in their understanding of the creation. Ayurveda helps a healthy person to gain wellness and a diseased person to regain health.

The body is made up of Tridoshas (Tri’ means ‘Three’ and ‘Doshas’ mean ‘Humours’) – Vata is Air, Pitta is Fire and Kapha is Water. Good health means a normalcy in the Tridoshas, balance of metabolic, systemic and excretory

functions, all five senses and in the mind and spirit. There are 7 constitutional doshas and each individual falls into any one of these categories: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha, Kapha-Vata, Vata-Pitta-Kapha.


Vata is predominant in Old age predominant in night, Pitta in the Middle age usually in afternoon and Kapha in Childhood during early morning. For good health, each person has to maintain the balance of their doshas and an imbalance in them is the cause of illness. It is thus essential to identify one’s body type and follow dietary regimes according to the season to maintain optimum health.

Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s primary purification and detoxification treatment which involves five therapies to eliminate toxins from the body. They are Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Raktamoskshana which help to remove deep rooted stress and illness-causing toxins from the body while balancing the doshas (energies that govern all biological functions).


Vamana is a medicated emesis therapy which removes Kapha toxins collected in the body and the respiratory tract. This is given to people with high Kapha imbalance. Daily treatment involves loosening and mobilizing the toxins in an effort to finally eliminate them.

Benefits: Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Allergies, Hay Fever, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Hyperacidity, Chronic Indigestion Nasal Congestion, Edema, Obesity, Psychological disorders, Skin disorders. Purgation

Virechana (Purgation)

Virechana is medicated purgation therapy which is used to completely cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract and remove Pitta toxins from the body which are accumulated in the liver and gallbladder. It is a safe procedure without any side effects. Virechana can be helpful to root out Chronic Fever, Diabetes, Asthma, Skin disorders such as Herpes, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia Joint disorders, Digestive disorders, Constipation, Hyperacidity, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Headaches, Elephantiasis and Gynecological disorders.

Basti (Enema or Colonic Irrigation)

Basti Basti (Enema) is considered as the bases of all Panchakarma treatments. It cleanses the accumulated toxins from all the three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, through the colon and is is also highly beneficial as a rejuvenating treatment. During basti, medicated oil or ghee and an herbal decoction is given as enema to clean the colon and increase the muscle tone. Duration of the treatment depends on the medical condition of a person.

Benefits: For Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Colitis, Convalescence, Cervical Spondylosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, Digestive disorders, Backache & Sciatica, Hepatomegaly & Splenomegaly, Obesity, Piles, Sexual Debility & Infertility. Nose Cleaning

Nasya (Nose Cleaning)

HH6F23N1308297818 In Nasya, medicated oil is administered through the nose of person to cleanse accumulated Kapha toxins from the head and neck region. It can be administrated up to 30 days based on the condition of the patient. Nasya benefits include Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bel’s Palsy, improves memory & eye sight, clarity of voice, headaches of various origins, insomnia, stiffness of the neck, nasal allergies, nasal polyp, elimination of excess mucus, hyper pigmentation in the face, pre-mature graying of hair, Hemiplegia, loss of smell and taste, frozen shoulder, migraine, neurological dysfunctions, Paraplegiar and sinusitis.


Raktamokshana is a procedure used to cleanse the blood only in extremely rare conditions. It is NOT advised during general Panchakarma as it involves high risk of infection. At Kratin wellness clinic, like most Ayurveda Centers, we do not offer Raktamokshana treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment helps to restore imbalance in the body without any side effects and is very helpful in conditions like liver disorders, strokes, mental and muscular dystrophy, rheumatic and chronic conditions.

At Kratin Wellness Clinic, we offer authentic and high quality Ayurveda treatment with dietary advice to help maintain a balanced and healthy body.