Holistic Health

Holistic health is a concept in medical science that views a person, not just as a collection of organs but a sum of body, mind and soul. A deeply inherent relationship exists between body, nature and socio emotional environment around it. It encompasses all factors affecting a person like environmental, social, physical, emotional and others.



Being healthy or fit doesn’t mean just being physically strong or absence of explicit symptoms of diseases or deficiencies in the body. Rather, wellness is a state of equilibrium among all dimensions of life resulting in an overall feeling of well-being of a person.

A disturbance in one dimension affects the others as they are interconnected. These disturbances in natural harmony of life is what stress is all about. Long ignorance or suppression of these disturbances results in build-up of toxins in your body which manifests in various forms like mental stress, headache, obesity, fatigue, ailments, early ageing and others diseases.

In today’s world, we are constantly being exposed to conditions resulting in imbalance of harmony with nature.

  • Body –Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with various sensory stimuli like cosmic rays, radio waves, supersonic waves, luminous markers and chemicals, pesticides, TV sets, nuclear fallout and others. As time progresses, the number of harmful stimuli also increases, resulting in sensory overload leading to collapse of body mechanisms that are supportive and protective in nature. Even the food we consume and environment we are exposed to are ultimately finding their ways to affect our bodies.

  • Mind – Not only materials but even non materials (emotional stress) are leading to degradation of our health. Pollution of our mind with unnatural ideas, theories, facts and irrelevant information that keeps us occupied round the clock, creating emotional stress that leads to attitudes like selfishness, loneliness, alienation from family and community.

  • Soul - Man is not just sum of organs but it also has a dynamic and continuous relationship with the society and world he lives in. Our spirit deep within our bodies recognizes the inherent rhythms of the universe and gets affected accordingly.

Hence, it is most relevant for us to take cautious efforts to ensure that instead of suppressing the symptoms, we work towards adapting a life style which enables us to create hormonal balance among all dimensions of our life and attain wellness.